Songs with a Purpose (SWAP) is a non-profit coalition, where creativity meets philanthropy; where musicians come together to utilize their art for good and help those in need.
artists can either choose to pledge their entire discography, specific songs/EPs/albums, or even exclusive music they haven't released (yet), and a percentage of earnings from said discography, over a designated amount of time, will go towards a charity/organization of their choosing.
(EX. 100% OF PROFITS MADE FROM Mitchell Matthews' "AMAZONIA," for the foreseeable future, WILL be Going TOWARDS amazon watch and rainforest trust)
after your percentage has been chosen, SWAP would take a certain percentage depending on the size (≤75% would mean 10% for SWAP, and >75% would mean 5% for SWAP), and you would earn the rest!
You can start whenever you want, and you could choose to donate for a day, week, month, year, indefinitely, etc! You can also renew your pledge as long as you want, stop after your initial pledge and come back months later to work with us again, only work with us on a one-time basis, etc! The point being, our collaboration would be completely on your terms!
Though, if you (artist or fan) would rather donate directly to a charity/organization, rather than through SWAP, links will be included on each artist's page, and under the umbrella of 20 different master lists on the CAUSES section of our website, which you can refer to/share with friends and family as needed.

NOTE: WE ENCOURAGE Artists WHO WORK WITH US TO UPLOAD THEIR MUSIC TO/DIRECT THEIR FANS Towards BANDCAMP, AS SALES ARE EARNED/REPORTED IMMEDIATELY, COMPARED TO THOSE WHO USE THIRD-PARTY DISTRIBUTORS (I.E. DISTROKID) TO RELEASE THEIR MUSIC ON SPOTIFY/ITUNES/ETC, where EARNINGS can be reported ON A TWO-TO-THREE MONTH DELAY (if you do include earnings made through your third-party distributor, or prefer that as your primary method of donating, we will follow up with you after said delay and work out the logistics with you then!)
NOTE: WE'VE HAD A FEW QUESTIONS FROM ARTISTS ON WHETHER WORKING WITH US IN THIS CAPACITY MEANS SIGNING AWAY THE RIGHTS OF THEIR MUSIC, AND THAT IS NOT THE CASE. while I like to call SWAP a "non-profit record label," we're not actually A STANDARD record label. You don't sign with us, it's more of a collaborative effort. You work with us on your terms. You pick the percentage you give away, how long you work with us, etc. SWAP is a coalition that encourages and brings together artists to do a greater good with their music, and while posting/promoting your music would be sponsored by SWAP, you're not owned by SWAP.
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